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by Waking Robots

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released July 16, 2016


all rights reserved



Waking Robots Davenport, Iowa

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Track Name: Tired
I find the times disturbing. I see it all burning. I feel my bones aching for all of the time that it's taking. Some people will take what you give them, feed you their lines as you let them. I don't let it begin to get under my skin. Tired of wasting my time, tired of losing my mind and I'm tired. Tired of what you been saying. Tired of the games you've been playing. Tired of the promises broken. Tired of the way I've been choking on your lies. Goodbye.
Track Name: Son of a Gun
I am not a son of a gun. Daughter of dust, I am one. Travel with the wind at my face for the carrot at the end of the race. I am not the sum of my parts. We're robots with bleeding hearts. Travel with the sun in my eyes, longing for a better disguise....so it goes. I am not the wrong or the right. The shadow could swallow the night. Travel with a song undone. Daughter of dust, I am one.... so it goes. Everybody knows.
Track Name: Frost
I was lost when I remembered that the cost was worth the goal. If the frost would leave my fingers, I could play the perfect chord to better explain the hidden meaning and the object of my search, but if I can't find my way home, give my body to the earth. How do they do it - move right through it, like a ghost? There's nothing to it when all you want is to be loved the most. In my day I learned to fly once but I threw it all away. If they gave out second chances I would do it all the same. I'll never explain the hidden meaning I myself don't understand, but if I can't paint the picture, I don't want to know who can.
Track Name: Already Dead
In my defense, this is making no sense. I am raving, I'm buried alive. So take a look at me, surrounded and lonely. Get back, I'm ready to fly. It can't be true: take a look at you; take a look at me. You and me - we're already dead. Try to breathe - we're already dead. Might as well fill my plate as we all suffocate. Might as well have us a Night. And this insanity - it's got its claws in me. Get back, I'm ready to bite. It can't be true: take a look at you; take a look at me. You and me - we're already dead. Try to breathe - we're already dead.

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